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Francine Feune

Welcome to my website! I invite you to discover my world as an author, through my books.

It all started a few years ago, when I was writing an article based on an experience in my native Cameroon. It was in my early childhood that I had observed this story; it wasn’t normal and it still isn’t today.

I had to be outraged, and that’s what I’m doing by writing books that promote good values for all human beings.

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WRITE to TRANSMIT. – Good roots for good fruit within the family. – Socio-cultural values that are essential to the equilibrium of EVERYONE.

My inspiration for writing Have you ever heard of minorities? For example, people who are pushed aside just because of the way they look. For me, the basis of a happy life is to dare for others.

Learning to get out of your comfort zone to expose what is being done publicly or privately that destroys human values. The aim is not to defend what is wrong but to assert oneself when this so-called wrong is nothing more than superstition.

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